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development producer


Alongside his script-writing and international film development work, Mark is also experienced in strategic research and development writing and analysis.


A versatile, energetic storyteller, Mark specializes in fact-finding deep dives and identifying the vital influences that buffet them. His broad range of impact styles for diverse audiences translates ideas into compelling actionable content to inspire stakeholders and drive mission advocacy.

Passionate about global issues of social justice, Mark's R & D experience includes co-strategizing vertical business development for a socially entrepreneurial filmed content startup. His research, M&E analysis and clarity-of-purpose writing influenced and delivered vital go-to-market partnerships and seed capital for a multi-platform venture driven by sustainable creator-investor-audience exchange.

Mark's capacity to manage geopolitical remits is also informed by successful academic experience in international security, US foreign policy, globalization and humanitarian intervention. He holds a first class Masters Degree in International Relations from Queen Mary University London and is the 2016 recipient of the J. Ann Tickner Prize for Best IR Dissertation. He is currently active in grassroots civil rights advocacy as a mayoral-appointed member of his local Civil Rights Commission.



Monitoring & Evaluation

Literature Review

Geopolitical Analysis

International Relations


Concept/Story Development

IP Sourcing & Evaluation

Report Writing

Persuasive Proposal Writing

Pitch Document Creation


Mission Advocacy

Partnership Cultivation

Vertical Business Development

Content Curation

Cross-Cultural Relations

Process-Flow Management

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