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Crime Drama  |  Original Feature Screenplay  |  IN DEVELOPMENT

After inadvertently endangering the life of a young boy on a fateful midnight shift, an exiled female rookie cop collides with apathy on the force and moral crisis on the street in a desperate bid to save the boy's soul — as well as her own.


Driven by one woman’s rite of passage through the dark malaise of a forgotten American city, Midnights is a spartan ode to beauty in the bleakness. It takes us beyond criminality and policing and into the mystifying realms of human nature where difficult facts are the bones beneath the skin of fiction. Into the dangers of living unseen and the life-saving power of moral imagination. 

Watch the related short film here.

Written by Mark Tenn & Alvaro Donado​
Director: Alvaro Donado​
Producers: Alvaro Donado​ & Mark Tenn
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